PlayBoyPlus – Reyna Arriaga – Latin Flair

Amateur Reyna Arriaga has some serious Latin flair in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Petite and all natural, with dark brown hair and eyes, Reyna may seem shy at first – but don’t be fooled, because this little lady knows what she’s got, and she’s definitely not afraid to use it. “Men find me more attractive when I speak Spanish,” she says, smiling devilishly. “That’s because I like to whisper in their ears and say cosas sucias – that means dirty things!” Reyna is very sexy, but she’s not above being silly – sometimes, as a joke, she tells her paramours she left the kettle on, in Spanish, and they’re just as turned on. “Lots of guys don’t know the difference,” she giggles. “It’s the accent that turns them on!” Get turned on with Amateur Reyna Arriaga, right here on Playboy Plus.

Pornstars: Reyna Arriaga



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